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Quantitative prediction of shale gas sweet spots based on seismic data in Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation, Weiyuan area, Sichuan Basin, SW China

Fig. 1. Location of the study area.

Second, data volumes with high precision of the elastic parameters were obtained from pre-stack simultaneous inversion. The horizontal distribution of key parameters for shale gas evaluation were calculated based on the results of rock physics analysis. Then, the fuzzy evaluation equation was established by fuzzy optimization method with test and

How to evaluate a shale play? Part B

Unconventional fields only produce hydrocarbons cost-effectively through stimulation treatments to large-scale, due to this, the determination of the mechanical properties of the formation and its variation along the same recover a greater importance in these "reservoirs" since these allow us to determine the degree of fracturability of the formation, select the optimal orientation of the wells and designing the fracture treatment. .shale formation modeling in a simulation through information acquired with seismic and well logs.

HOW TO EVALUATE A SHALE PLAY? Part B Emanuel Martin In the first part of “HOW TO EVALUATE A SHALE PLAY?" we've developed: Shale play features, Main properties to evaluate, Kerogen, Total Organic Content (TOC), Organic Matter Classification, Thermal Maturity Determination, Depositional environment, facies characterization and Mineralogical composition. Now we're going to develop: Mechanical