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Displaying Well Control Incident Data in Petrel; a Workflow for Promoting Rig Safety Across Disciplines

Displaying Well Control Incident Data in Petrel; a Workflow for Promoting Rig Safety Across Disciplines

In the worst cases, these can lead to loss of rigs or loss of life. Fig 1. Drilling tour sheet denoting loss of rig due to kick/blowout. On the Engineering side of well planning, it is a common practice in the Oil and Gas industry to mitigate the risk of kicks and

Troubleshooting gridding issues in Petrel: Effect of MAPAXES Eclipse keyword and IJK Origin in Petrel

Fig. 1.1: ECLIPSE export settings window

There might be 16 different combinations of the origin location and the order of reading i, j and k direction as the following table shows: 2. Problem Statement Using of Petrel as modeller and ECLIPSE as simulator will not require higher level of background understanding of origin cell and map axes assumptions;

Converting Eclipse Data Deck to Petrel Case (Petrel 2011.1)

Figure 2: Case Conversion processing illustration

Figure 1: Case Conversion in Petrel Online Manual Case Conversion Methodology In Petrel, reverse engineering and case conversion are different terms for the same process of converting Eclipse data deck in Petrel case. Petrel needs .DATA, the associated grid and .INIT files to perform the case conversion. Petrel distinguishes the GRID|EDIT section properties which

Reservoir and Fracture Modelling: Connection Factor Export for Fractured Cells

Figure 4 Areal resolution 240x240 ft, with (red) and without (green) the skin calculation. The thick line is a simulation on 7.5x7.5 ft cells.

In case the fracture cell is small (smaller than Peaceman radius) then we recommend setting the diameter of the wellbore in the global completion to a small value so that the Peaceman radius will not be smaller than the wellbore radius. If running ECLIPSE Compositional it is possible to use the

Workflow for fast and efficient integration of Petrel-based fault models into coupled hydro-mechanical TOUGH2-MP-FLAC3D simulations of CO2 storage

We discuss a workflow implemented for coupling arbitrary numerical simulators considering complex geological models with discrete faults. This includes grid conversion of geological model grids generated with the Petrel software package to different simulator input formats within a few minutes for multi-million element models.

1. Introduction Commercial hydro-mechanical simulation workflows are provided by different software vendors. For instance, the Schlumberger Petrel-ECLIPSE-VISAGE [1-3] workflow offers the opportunity to implement geological models from seismic and/or well data, and to conduct multiphase flow simulations using available Schlumberger software products (e.g. ECLIPSE). These can then integrated into mechanical simulations