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Evaluation of the shale beds within Alam El Bueib Formation as an unconventional reservoir, Western Desert, Egypt

Fig. 1 Location of Betty-1 well

The TOC in the studied samples indicates poor to very good organic continent, while the hydrocarbon potentiality (S1 and S2) indicates poor source potential. The hydrogen index reflected kerogen type III/II. These data indicate that AEB Formation may be considered as a good source for generating hydrocarbons (mainly gas with

Evaluation and Analysis of Oil Shale in Quseir-Safaga and Abu-Tartur Western Desert, Egypt

Figure 2. Oil Shale at different places in Egypt such as in the Quseir Area-Safaga of the Eastern Desert, Abu-Zinema of the west Sinai and Abu-Tartur of the western desert.

The experiments were done using AUC lab retort to experimentally determine the critical temperature that will lead to the maximum production using sudden and gradual change in temperatures, which turned out to be sudden change at 500˚C. Thereafter, the degree of API gravity was calculated for each run. Then the