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Argentina Shale Production 2017

The unconventional oil and gas production in the Argentine Republic is concentrated in the Neuquén Province from where tight and shale formations are exploited being Vaca Muerta, Los Molles and Lajas the main formations of interest. The shale gas production reached in August 2017 the 37,810Kboe per day and the shale oil production reached the 37,909kBbl/day in the same month, showing an increment of 18,5% for the gas and 34% for the oil production compared with August 2016.

Main exploitation areas: The Neuquén Province is divided into 170 areas or blocks for the hydrocarbons exploration and production of which 56 block are currently in tender process for the production of unconventional hydrocarbons. By increasing the depth in all of these 56 blocks we are finding the shale formations: Vaca

Argentina Shale Production

Vaca Muerta Shale, the Best in the World.

Argentina Shale Production: Emanuel Martin Argentina is one of the four shale producers on a commercial scale in the world together with the United States, Canada and China. The main activity is located in the Neuquen Basin where the interest formations are Vaca Muerta and Los Molles. In addition, Argentina has other